The Stanley Film Festival In Colorado Kicks Off May 2nd!

The Stanley Hotel in Colorado stands today as one of the most unique haunted spectacles in America. fixanywp The Hotel,Guest Posting while still fully operational, was opened in 1909 and through the century it has seen a slew of frightening tales and chilling accounts from employees about the paranormal events that take place inside. The stigma around this hotel is so thick in fact it inspired one of America’s greatest horror writers to pen a story about the paranormal events that are said to have taken place. Eventually this story would be crafted into a film, but not just any film.. It would become the most successful horror story of the 80’s, starring Jack Nicholson, Stephen Kings story “The Shining” is still one of the most frightening tales told today.

Following a writer who escapes to the remote hotel with his family searching for some peace and quiet to finish his book, the tale takes a dramatic turn when the writer begins seeing ghosts and subsequently goes insane, attempting to murder everybody in the hotel. While the book was without a doubt inspired by the tales emerging from The Stanley Hotel, Stephen King may have embellished a bit..

But now the hotel stands as a testament to horror cinema, and as a result one of the most talked about film festivals in ages is nearing its highly anticipated inaugural event. For 2013 the festival is going to showcase a number of films created by a diverse range of different filmmakers. From the more home-made features to the low-budget works of art that impress large ideas on its audiences with creativity and skill rather than big budget effects and expensive locales.

While this may only be the first year, the festival has big plans for the future. This Year Eli Roth will be honored with the 2013 visionary award, fitting as Eli Roth will most likely be back every year with more of his work. But Roth will also show an exclusive screening of his directors cut of Cabin Fever with an open Q and A after the screening, he will also be attending the premier of Nicholas Lopez’ “AfterShock” which Eli stars in and even co-wrote.

While honoring vaunted horror film directors is without a doubt awesome, the festival also tries to get some low-budget works with a smaller marketing budget than most in front of a willing audience. One film that has my attention is the remake of the 1980 cult horror hit, Maniac. Starring Elijah Wood and directed by Frank Khalfoun, this thriller will be set in modern day New York about a madman who has an unenviable habit of scalping those who look at him romantically.

Another film I am very excited about as is the rest of the internet is being put together as we speak by filmmaker James DeMonaco. The story is set in America in the near future, and the government to help avert total collapse allows one 24 hour period in which no laws exist. Called “The Purge” as is the film, the law allows anybody to get away with anything for one full day, where it gets really messed up is when some temporary psycho’s break into a small family home and we find out just how far people we deem innocent would go to protect their loved ones.

These two great films are just the tip of the iceberg, the festival will also feature screenings of golden horror classics like “The Haunted Castle.” Created by the lord of silent horror Georges Melies, this 1896 classic is the first horror film in recorded history and a great way to kick off what’s sure to be regarded as a monolithic event for the world of horror cinema.

“The Stanley Hotel is iconic not only for being one of the great historic hotels of our country, but also for the inspiration it gives to its fans. From the making of The Shining to the one million people that have toured the hotel in the last three years…it has inspired generations,” says Grand Heritage Hotel Group Founder and President John Cullen. “I hope to honor The Stanley Hotel and propel horror filmmakers to create and exhibit their work for a new worldwide audience.“

“It’s an honor to join the Stanley Film Festival team in its inaugural year and build a prestigious cinematic event specifically for the horror genre,” says Festival Director Jenny Bloom. “The Stanley Hotel’s history with Hollywood and real paranormal activity makes it such a natural fit for an annual celebration of film.”

Well with that we hope you are as excited as we are to see what gory new goods the Stanley Film Festival will offer to hungry fans young and old, with Eli Roth and some of the most prolific horror icons in cinema in attendance, its sure to be an unforgettable experience that hopefully transforms into a die-hard tradition.

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